The newest Imam (pbuh) upcoming handled your stating: “O slave out of Jesus, you fear demise because you do not understand it

Nizar Ben Halilou

The newest Imam (pbuh) upcoming handled your stating: “O slave out of Jesus, you fear demise because you do not understand it

Inside the a traditions from Imam Ali ibn Muhammed (pbuh), it is narrated he (pbuh) reached one of his friends who was simply ill plus a state out of whining and you will grieving and worrying on account of concern with dying. ”

Then your Imam (pbuh) displayed an example and you may said: “If you had feel dirty, and you may considering the more than dirt and dirtiness you used to be during the distress and hassle, while realized the solution to all of this put from inside the their providing a shower, are you willing to wish to see a bath and clean on your own or would you wish to stay in an equivalent state of dirtiness and as a result always undergo the latest distress.” The fresh sick kid told you, “Sure, I’d wish to grab the shower.” Then Imam (pbuh) replied: “demise (to you personally) is the very same bath.”

The point become sensed throughout the significantly more than heritage would be the fact, the new unwell people are one of the companions of Imam (pbuh) and are alert to the fresh Islamic belief off demise, in spite in the, try extremely scared out-of dying.

step three. Not enough preparation

Some people possess comprehended the truth of death and are also alert to the fresh Islamic belief regarding dying. At the same time, he has as well as obtained specific information about the new station as well as the travel immediately after passing, yet not, notwithstanding all of this, it nevertheless worry demise.

It fear isn’t due to the one or two grounds above mentioned but while they have not produced for themselves the various tools and you may one thing very important to it excursion out-of theirs, whenever you are, on the contrary they’ve been spending far more-than-required benefits on the expose lifetime; instance an individual who understands that however need spend the rest of their lifestyle in another country, however, has not compiled anything to own his journey.

As an alternative, all of that he has gathered is within the sort of household, shop, home and other things which, currently, is actually none able to be changed, nor transferred. To put it differently, he has strived and you may spent some time working and you can gathered an investment, nevertheless the money is really which can not be transferred and you may there’s also not one person who’ll purchase it. Basically, it is not useful in any way with the purpose, he got in mind. Anybody requested Imam Hassan (pbuh): “What makes we unwilling to die, let’s including dying?”

“Because”, answered Imam Hassan (pbuh), “You damaged your future community and you will build this; of course, that you do not want to be transported off flourishing so you can refuse.”

This concern with dying, and that is a result of having less preparedness additionally the absence of the fresh provisions of excursion constantly happens towards the believers, which in reality is not fear of death but rather, anxiety about not possessing the brand new sufficient specifications necessary for so it travels.

And thus, the latest Imam (pbuh) by to provide an illustration told him the says and you can items immediately after death which means calmed your

Various other section is that such as for example a concern can be combined with eagerness. As the, to the one hand, a good believer was looking forward to new Divine conference and also for the companionship of your Righteous somebody. At exactly the same time, due to diminished enough piety and also the needed arrangements, finds out themselves in a state from stress and you will concern, while the fresh unbelievers do not provides particularly a worry and you may desire.

It worry the actual dying, because they think it over to get a whole annihilation. Obviously, it could be said that worries of unbelievers you certainly will possess good universal meaning, while the causes of it can be men and women mentioned and also have the individuals maybe not mentioned.