Nizar Ben Halilou

During his life, he has slalomé between genres: techno, pop or disco. At the dawn of his 20-year career, the Frenchman Vitalic has seen things big!

This major artist of the French scene has just announced, nothing less than an exceptional date at the Accor Arena in Paris, on June 11, 2021. An event that will make a date when we know the know-how and the love of this DJ for giant lives, and that will be in partnership with RadioFG.

This concert will of course be the occasion to apprehend the work done by Vitalic for 20 years: a rain of productions, solo or with his duo Kompromat, but still at the head of his label Citizen Records.

For twenty years, Vitalic has had several lives. Constantly, he sought to innovate, to reinvent himself, to emerge where his fans did not expect him. A life at the service of a French electro scene that he embodies in what is best: active, alive, caring and above all, passionate!

For those who know little or no Vitalic, we can only recommend listening to the beautiful album «Voyager», his last one, released in 2017. This will also convince us that Vitalic is an unclassifiable artist, not just techno. Speaking of album, the next one will be released in 2021.

Tickets for his June 2021 concert are now available here